Lesson information

Lesson days and times

I’m available for lessons between 08.30 and 21.00 (UK time) Monday to Friday, and Saturdays from 09.00 to 12.30 (except at very busy pre-exam times, when I extend my hours somewhat). Please contact me for up-to-date information.

Subjects available at Pre-GCSE, (i)GCSE, AS and A-Level.

UK Curriculum. All Examination Boards.

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • English Language and Literature (combined)
  • English as a Second Language

General support as part of long-term tuition or as short-term, focused boosts.

  • Support for dyslexia and other learning issues.
  • Expert assessment and remediation of literacy issues (spelling, grammar, comprehension, composition etc) 
  • Specific skills, such as Essay Writing, Inference, Comprehension, attention to particular literature texts or question types.
  • Other – let’s talk about it!

English as an Additional Language (online only)

Customised lessons for adults wishing to practise their spoken English. The lessons focus on speaking, but we can also look at business communication such as email.

Ages / Educational stages taught

  • UK KS3, KS4, KS5 (= UK Years 7-13, US Grades 6 – 12)
    Further and Higher Education and Adults
    Home-Educated Students

Lesson duration –  minimum one hour

Lesson Frequency – usually weekly, or more often as required, especially near to exam time.

School Terms and Holidays / Breaks –  Students usually have regular weekly lessons throughout their school term. Lessons are also available during the breaks if required.

Lesson Content and Format

Whether  online or in-person, lessons start by recapping last week’s work and reviewing any homework. Most of the session focuses on new work, with about 10 minutes recap and homework-setting at the end. Homework is designed to reinforce that lesson’s learning and prepare for the next one, so it’s important for students to complete it. 

I focus lessons on the student’s particular needs, having assessed these and discussed the approach with the student and parent. I ask to see examples of recent school work, mock exam scripts, teacher reports, dyslexia assessments, or any other relevant information. I am always happy to communicate with students’ teachers, if the school is in favour and parents have given permission.

Depending upon the situation, we might follow the student’s school topic schedule, or complement it.  Nearer to the exams there is no substitute for practising past papers, and reviewing school mocks in the depth that class teachers simply don’t have time for.

Materials – Students might need to buy course books and/or literary texts, depending upon our focus. Otherwise study materials are likely to be online, or supplied by me. In-person students need to bring lined paper, a folder or ring binder for lesson notes, and writing implements and/or a laptop or tablet if they prefer to use these or are allowed to use them at school). Students should also bring any aids they use such as coloured overlays. For Online lessons, students need a laptop or desktop computer, a headset with attached microphone, and a fast, reliable internet connection. See (link) for more information about online lessons. 

Lesson notes – I set up an individual, password-protected Google Classroom or Google Doc for each student (with parent access), whether online or in-person. I post lesson notes, returned homework, revision resources, information for parents, payment receipts etc here. Students and parents can also post material. 

Communications and Feedback – Students and parents have access to brief lesson notes on Google Classroom/docs as above. I may also write notes in students’ exercise books or folders. If parents wish to discuss a matter with me I ask them please to let me know, then either arrive to collect their child, or join the lesson if it’s online, a few minutes before the end of the booked time. If necessary we can arrange a phone call at another time. 


Your initial consultation, whether online or in-person, is free of charge and without obligation. Tuition fees vary from £35.00 to £60.00 per hour depending upon the level and the length of engagement. Please contact me for more details.

Initial consultation – no charge or obligation.

Included in Lesson Fee- Tuition, planning, access to high-quality academic materials, feedback / lesson notes on Google Docs, reasonable communication with parents and students outside lesson time .

Services at additional cost for instance but not limited to: Setting and Marking extra homework, past papers etc; dyslexia etc support reports; help with university applications; references; lengthy communications with clients outside lesson slots.

Payment is by Bank Transfer or Paypal (any Paypal and/or currency exchange fees are paid by client). Cash is acceptable for in-person clients. No cheques please. Payment for online lessons must be made at least 48 hours before the start of the booked time. In-person lessons may be paid on the day.

Cancellations  – I try to reschedule if students have to cancel, but I reserve the right to charge the full fee for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

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