About Julia


I’m Dr Julia Fowler – long-time teacher, lecturer and private tutor in an array of English Language, Literature and Literacy areas. I’ve worked with ages from 6 to 80 years, at levels from beginner to postgraduate, in schools, colleges, universities, voluntary environments and, as a tutor, at my own or students’ homes.

I now tutor online or at my home in Warwickshire, covering English from Year 5 to A-Level. Current and past students have worked on English Language and Literature GCSE and iGGSE; the literacy parts of 11+, 13+, Common Entrance and Year 6 SATs;  reading catch-up: handwriting coaching; dyslexia support and general enrichment – learning that English is fun!

I want students to do the best they can; to become independent learners, thoughtful critics, confident writers – and, of course, to master specific exam techniques. So I’m approachable. I listen. My students have the mental space to explore ideas and difficulties; to realise that, hey, they can do it. I encourage them to offer alternative interpretations, and teach them how to be convincing.

My academic background is in English Language and Literature (BA Hons), and pragmatic linguistics (PhD), with a Further Education Teacher’s Certificate.  Students browsing my shelves tend to be horrified by my collection of ancient grammar textbooks – yes, I’m proud to be a syntax nerd. My language background means I can identify children’s areas of difficulty, and focus intervention on it.

Before returning to the UK a few years ago, I lived in Germany and the USA, running English Conversation classes as a volunteer teacher. I speak French, German and Spanish (none of them well, but I like to try…). Living abroad, together with my academic work on cultural and language issues, means I have significant multicultural sensitivity, which plays into my holistic approach to my students.

As we know, educational goalposts are never static, so I ensure I’m up-to-date with the UK National Curriculum, 11+ requirements, and English syllabi in all GCSE  and iGCSE Boards. 



I devise material and courses for each student individually, following my initial assessment of needs. I draw upon textbooks, literature, art, video, exam board resources and past papers, reputable educational subscription sites, and various university offerings. I’m a member of the UK Literacy Association.