JH (GCSE student, intensive revision, 2016, after he scored D in mock exams.) Hi Julia. Guess what… I  got an A in English language! Thank you so much for your help. I don’t know what result I would’ve got without you!

Mme A (online iGCSE, 2 students, UAE). Thank you very much Julia, I’ve gone through your reports. Everything is clear and informative. I’ll keep following the girls in order to read the newspapers regularly as per your advice and to continue doing the h/w regularly.  Appreciate your continuous support.

Mrs L (GCSE English Language 2014 to current) Julia has been a great help to my children; I would definitely recommend.

Mr A (GCSE English, dyslexia support 2014 to current) .Thanks so much for the work you have been putting in with L.  It really seems to be paying off, and after parents’ evening last week her English teacher at (school) is also full of praise for how far she has come.[…]


Mrs T (GCSE English & dyslexia support, 2015 – 2016) Good news, your assessment has resulted in H having 25% extra exams time.Thanks for your support with this.


Mrs E (children aged 7 & 9, literacy booster, 2016). Thankyou so much for yesterday, the kids loved you!!