Client comments

A much better result than was expected Julia’s kind and calm approach made my son really feel at ease. She delivered excellent tutoring that helped my son gain the confidence to sit his GCSE in English and get a much better result than was expected. I am so grateful to her.
English Literature GCSE – mock grade 3, boosted to 6 in 3 months UK

I cannot thank or praise Julia enough, and often recommend her to other parents. Julia has tutored two of my daughters in English and English Literature helping them attain the qualifications they required. One daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and short term memory loss. This made studying for the exams very difficult but Julia encouraged and made learning interesting trying different ways for my daughter to learn which resulted in her passing both English and English Literature when her school felt she could not. Julia’s tutoring also helped in her gaining other GCSE’s as Julia gave her the confidence that she could achieve. I cannot thank or praise Julia enough and often recommend her to other parents.
English Language and English Literature GCSEs, 2019

Thank you so much for your help. I’m so pleased I got a B! AQA English and Language and Literature A-Level 2019. (This student had been predicted a grade E/D. She is now reading law at university. ) UK

Thank you for everything and helping me to know I can do it when I thought I couldn’t. GCSE English Language & English Literature 2019 (Student diagnosed with dyslexia and short term memory issues) UK

I would just like to say a big heartfelt thankyou for all your hard work with [student] over the last two years. My husband and I do feel he would not have done so well in his exams (not just English but also in terms of his other subjects) if it hadn’t been for your dedication.  English Language and English Literature GCSEs with dyslexia support. 2019 UK

Just received my paper 2 PPE grade –  I got 53/80 which is a grade 7, this is great compared to my last grade 3! English Language GCSE – student after a few lessons – Spring 2019 UK

Thank you for a great first tutor lesson. I really enjoyed it. I can see how this is going to really help me progress as I feel already just from this first session that it’s helped me a lot already. English Language & Literature A-Level – student – Autumn 2018 UK

I  got an A in English language! Thank you so much for your help. I don’t know what result I would’ve got without you! English Language GCSE Intensive Revision after low grade in mock exam – student – Results Day 2017 UK

I do think it has really helped [student].  He’s even started his homework a few times on his own, which is practically unheard of, so he definitely has more motivation. Parent of Year 7 pupil, after a few lessons 2019 UK

Your tutorials have really boosted her confidence in this subject. English Language GCSE Resit revision boost – Parent – UK 2019

His confidence level is definitely much higher. He has managed to plan his school homework so much better so we actually get some weekend family time now!  Parent of Y8 student – Handwriting and Study Skills short boost UK 2018

Thank you so much for your continued support and tutoring . You have made a huge difference – and I am so grateful for everything you have done for [student]. English Language & Literature A-Level UK 2019

Thanks so much for the work you have been putting in with [student].  It really seems to be paying off, and after parents’ evening last week her English teacher at [school] is also full of praise for how far she has come. English Language GCSE with dyslexia support -UK 2018

Thank you so much. [Student] really enjoyed her session with you and found it challenging. It’s helped her enormously. We are both very grateful. Y11 International GCSE English Language Exam Revision 2019 (This student achieved Grade 9 in the final exam, after much lower mock grades) UK

Thank you very much Julia, I’ve gone through your reports. Everything is clear and informative. I’ll keep following the girls in order to read the newspapers regularly as per your advice and to continue doing the h/w regularly.  Appreciate your continuous support. English as a Second Language International GCSE online  – 2018 United Arab Emirates

English Language GCSE with dyslexia support –  2 students over a number of years – Parent- Julia has been a great help to my children; I would definitely recommend. 2017 UK

Y10 English Language GCSE with dyslexia support -Parent –  Good news, your assessment has resulted in [student] having 25% extra exams time. Thanks for your support with this. 2016 UK

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